Kenworth T270 side by side comparison of 22 ft. Steel Car Carriers

We’re comparing one unit with a 22’ Steel XLP Jerr-dan and the other unit has a 22’ Steel Kilar fabrication body.

The Jerr-dan car carrier is equipped with spring ride suspension and the Kilar has air ride. You will see from the rear shot that the Kilar’s bed height is slightly higher than the Jerr-dan. After rolling the bodies back fully and dropping the air bags the Kilar can achieve a bed angle that is equivalent to that of the Jerr-dan product. Even with the air ride suspension Kilar beds are superior, and cost thousands less than the Jerr-dan product.

The next comparison would be the wheel lifts. Both are 3500 lb independent lifts, but the Kilar product is equipped with galvanized parts to extend the life and prohibit rusting. There are (6) Key slots in the rear of the Kilar for more options to hook vs the Jerr-dan. The control box is fully fabricated in aluminum vs the Jerr-dan which is not. Kilar has been producing customer built bodies for 25 years!! They do not sell or market trucks, just Kilar bodies. This allows Kilar to be the best at what they do. Kilar is a name that carries some weight!