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New Kenworth Dump Truck fitted with Gar-P Dump Body

Check out these awesome Kenworth Dump Truck pictures fitted with Gar-P Dump Bodies Duro AR 86 SLT MOD 86 Municipal Body Flatbed Download the Duro Drawing […]

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Kenworth T880 18 Ft GAR-P Dump Pressure Test

See the 2400 PSI pressure test of the hydraulic system on a 2017 Kenworth T880 with 18 Ft Gar-P Dump

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Gar-P Dump Body Styles with Drawings

Below are pictures of the two different Dump Body Style. GP Duro-AR 5252 Semi-Elliptical: GP 864854-SLT:      

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Kenworth T800 Dump Trucks

Kenworth Dump Trucks getting bodies installed Fleet of Kenworth T800 Heavy Duty Spec dump trucks getting new Gar-P dump truck bodies installed. These can definitely get […]

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